Maxspect Nano Tech Anaerobic Block

Maxspect Nano-Tech Anaerobic-Block for saltwater aquariums effectively removes nitrates (NO3) from the aquarium . This patented technology is specially designed to stimulate the growth of anaerobic bacteria .

Completes the nitrogen cycle through denitrification, by culturing anaerobic heterotrophic bacteria (including species of the genera Paracoccus denitrificans and various pseudomonads), reducing nitrate into nitrogen gas.

  • Efficiently removes nitrate from your aquarium
  • Proprietary technology specifically designed to stimulate growth oF anaerobic bacteria.
  • Anaerobic bacteria completes the nitrification cycle which breaks down nitrate into nitrogen gas, exporting nutrient From the aquarium.
  • 2 Blocks Treats up to 1,000L / 264 Gal

Directions to Use:

Use directly in sump, stack up two Anaerobic-Blocks horizontally, and place a Denitrification Catalyst in between the blocks, as illustrated above. The Denitrification Catalyst will be slowly used up and should be replaced every 2 months.





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