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Enaly OZAC- 200 PLUS

ENALY OZAC-PLUS  200mg aquarium ozone generator comes with built-in redox meter/controller with a digital readout and use adjustable set point to turn the ozone on and off automatically. It is the complete solution for the effective and safe ozonization of aquariums.


OZAC-PLUS 200 —————– 200mg/hr ozone output


Enaly Ozac-200

ENALY OZAC- 200 mg aquarium ozone generators are with complete range (50, 100 or 200 mg/hr) variable ozone output for home aquariums.

OZAC 200 —————– 200mg/hr ozone output

Specifications of OZAC-200 Aquarium Ozone Generator:

Max. Ozone output:

OZAC 200 —————– 200mg/hr ozone output

Voltage: DC12V

Power Adaptor: AC100V- 240V 50-60Hz,12W

Certification: UL TUL CE

Dimension: 170mmX130mmX57mm