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  • Day & Night: Two combinations of lighting beams specifically designed for Marine Aquariums, booming the growing process by providing all necessary spectrum. Two switches enable you to freely adjust luminosity and make your own perfect lights.
    Truly Transparent: Professional LED Lens with transmittance to be 25% higher than ordinary lens by converging lighting beams enables lights to reach as deep as 1m into tanks with few loss of luminous energy.
    Keep Cool All the Time: By using copper whose thermal conductivity is far beyond any other metals, plus advance venting system of blowing air rather than suction, the Mars Aqua lights achieved the best cooling performance ever seen in similar products.
    Free Combining: Equipped with double universal cascade. Normally one LED aquarium light is suitable for a 55 gallon 38″*24″ fish coral tank, and for bigger tanks, you can series multiple sets of LED light together at the same time without requiring more socket.

Jebao AK-80 LED Light

AK-80 new intelligent full spectrum WIFI seawater lamp, slim design, stylish and lightweight

  • Intelligent temperature control and lamp hardware temperature system, when the lamp temperature reaches the maximum set temperature, turn off the lights automatically.
  • Double control, double protection, to ensure the safety of lights;
  • Multi-directional cooling exports, quiet energy;
  • High-quality beads scientific arrangement, so that the best lighting effects;
  • Smart life, APP remote control;
  • Solid metal bracket, drawing all black design, nice, easy to adjust according to the size of the tank.