About Marine World

Marine World Deals Exclusively In Saltwater Aquariums And Marine Fish, Corals And Invertebrates. Marine World Offers The Best Aquarium Equipment, Feed And Supplements The World Has To Offer Along With Healthy Premium Livestock To Sustain Your Artificial Piece Of Ocean. Providing An Extensive Variety Of Services, Marine World Has Cemented Its Position As The Industry Leader Of Marine Aquarium Designs In Pakistan. Customer Satisfaction Is Our Uttermost Priority.

Marine World Has Created And Maintained Marine Aquariums For Restaurants, Hotels And Corporate Sector. Marine World Has Worked For Some Of The Biggest Names In Corporate Sector Such As Alied Bank, Sharif Group, Haseeb Waqas Group, Health Ways Pharmaceuticals, Getz Pharma. Each Aquarium Installation Is Unique In It’s Own Way Ensuring Both A Personal And Professional Service Is Delivered.

In Order To Provide Our Customers With A Huge Range Of Marine Hobby Related Equipment, Feed And Supplements Marine World Has Done Collaborations With Renowned Companies Obtaining Their Distributorship, Such As Of Two Little Fish, Marine Sources.

We Also Ensure Availability Of Products From Other Brands Such As Red Sea, OCTO, Two Little Fishes, Neptune, Vitalis Feed, Maxpact, Atman, Aquamacro, API, Boyu, CarbiSea, Haliea, Hikari, Jebao, Ocean Nutrition, Prodibio, Seachem, Thera, Weipro. All The Dry Good Are In Stock And Available Online Or In Our Storehouse.

We Ensure The Highest Standard Of Livestock, All Of Our Fish Are Net-Caught And Corals Are Collected In Eco-Friendly Method. We Quarantine Our Livestock To Make Sure That Only Healthy Premium Livestock Reach Our Customers. All The Specimens That Are Up For Sale Are Free From White Spots, Velvet And Flatworms And Will Thrive In Your Artificial Piece Of Ocean.

To ensure the sustainability of the natural marine ecosystem for the future generation, by enhancing the living environment for marine organisms while creating a sense of joy and tranquillity for human beings.

Driven by a shared passion for marine life among st our management and employees, we actively engage in research and development to continuously improve our products as well as develop new ones; with the goal of creating a thriving marine ecosystem in an enclosed environment. In addition to our core business in marine aquarium products, we are also involved in the commercial aquaculture sector using our customized water purification system which produces a higher yield without the need of supplements.