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Coral Clamp Aquarium Tong

The bigger your aquarium is, the more of a pain it becomes to reach the bottom, the back of the tank, or the bottom of the back of the tank. Whether the rock or coral is fully out of reach or you simply don’t want to get your hands wet, aquarium tongs have been an important tool for literally extending your reach.

Nothing about aquarium grabbers or tongs has fundamentally changed in over twenty years with virtually all makes and models using two grabby fingers or claws to clamp down in items of interest. So you can imagine our interest when we came across these Coral Clamps in the Aqua-China Aquarium Supply booth at CIPS in China which have three claws.



The MagFox uses magnetic attraction to propel a small brush inside aquarium hoses and pipes, allowing it to clean away algae and other deposits that block the water flow. Patent pending design by Julian Sprung


MagFox® Replacement

MagFox Replacement inner part.