• Live Stock

    Marine World Is The Largest Importer Of Ornamental Marine Fish, Corals And Invertebrates In Pakistan. We Are Importing Our Live Stock From Sri-Lanka, Indonesia And Malaysia. Having Access To A Wide Variety Of Collection Centers All Around The World Ranging From Hawaii To Red Sea Enables Us To Offer Only The Very Best, All Of Our Live Stock Is Quarantined In Our State Of The Art Facility.

  • Aquarium Supplies

    Marine World Offers Our Customers To Choose From A Wide Variety Of Equipment, Feeds And Supplements. We Carry Saltwater Aquarium Supplies Which Are Hard To Find In Pakistan From World-Class Brands Like Ocean Nutrition, Two Little Fish, Hikari, Seachem And Marine Sources. Offering Courier Service Throughout Pakistan, Marine World Is Your Number One Source For Saltwater Aquarium Supplies.

About Us

The Reef Keeping Hobby Was Few And Far Between In Pakistan At The Start Of Year 2000, Virtually No Shop Was Providing Neither Marine Livestock Nor The Equipment Required To Sustain A Reef Aquarium. People Who Developed Interest In Reef Keeping Weren't Able To Start Their Own Marine Aquariums Due To Shortage Of Quality Livestock And Equipment, While Those Who Managed To Start Their Aquariums Somehow, Weren't To Maintain Their Aquariums Due To Lack Of Guidance.

Marine World Was Started By Hobbyists Who After Being In The Freshwater Hobby For A Long Time Thought That It Was Time To Experience Reef Keeping. After Mastering The Reef Keeping Hobby An Wonderful Idea Struck Us That Why Not Introduce More People To This Wonderful Hobby. Over The Passage Of Time After Extensive R&D Marine World Prides Itself On Their Depth Of Knowledge, Quality Of Service And A Tailored Approach To Aquarium Design. Providing An Extensive Variety Of Services, Marine World Has Cemented Its Position As The Industry Leader Of Marine Aquariums In Pakistan. Our Specialist Know Exactly How To Address Personal Choices And Preferences. We Make Sure That Every Aquarium We Design And Import Is Different And Unique From The Rest. Each Installation Is Designed To Meet Specific Demands Of The Client Whether It Is For Residential Or Commercial Premises.

Marine World Offers A Wide Range Of Services To Provide The Comprehensive Delivery Of Aquariums From The Initial Consultation Through To An Ongoing Maintenance Program. Marine World Ensures A Smooth Delivery Within Clear Time And Budget Parameters. Following Project Completion, The Specialist & Aftercare Team Conduct Regular Visits To Mature Each Aquarium To Its Full Potential.

Marine World Is Maintaining A Creative Edge Throughout Pakistan. We Are Making International Collaborations With Other Renowned Companies Such As Two Little Fish, Marine Sources And Mariscience To Refine Our Merchandise To Offer A Wide Variety Of Products To Enable Our Customers To Choose From One From The Many Available Options Which Fits Best To Their Budget And Needs.

To Sum It Up Our Goal Is To Share Our Passion With Everyone While Maintaining Our Outstanding Quality To Help Propagate The Marine Fish And Reef Keeping Hobby In Pakistan For It To Become On Par With International Standards.Standards. Truly It Is An Experience You Will Relish Forever.

Office Timings

Monday-Friday 10Am-8Pm
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Office Remains Closed On Sundays.
On Fridays There Will Be A Break From 12Pm-2Pm For Jumma Prayer.

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